AI for customer relations: what do you need to know?

AI is a tool capable of boosting the efficiency of the customer service team. It is used to improve the said service in order to satisfy the customers. Therefore, it is important to master the concept of artificial intelligence. It is not enough to know how to use it in order to achieve improvement. In this article, you will be given in-depth information.

The purpose of use

Artificial intelligence is usually associated with customer interaction or automation. If you click this site you will surely know more about artificial intelligence. This technology allows companies to provide their customer with an assistant every day 24 hours a day. In other words, the customer service will be able to respond instantly to the request and solve the problems quickly, which reduces the waiting time. Even better, the AI system is programmed to identify certain keywords or phrases to provide personalized responses. It also allows the company to analyze information from the communication channels with their customer to better understand their preference and need. The purpose of this information is to allow the company to adapt services to solidify their customer relationship.

The type of AI to use

There are several types of artificial intelligence that a company can use to improve their customer service. First, we have NLP defined as natural language processing. This is the technology that allows the computer to respond to and understand human language. There are for example conversational robots with which you can chat via digital. They are specially designed to dialogue with you by providing clear answers to your request. Then there is machine learning which is done through available data. It is used to find improved solutions for companies and also to extract useful information. Finally, the last type of AI is computer vision. It allows the company’s computer system to recognize and analyze videos and images.

How it’s used

To improve their customer service, companies use AI in different ways. For example, some use the conversational robot to answer common questions also to help their customers navigate freely on their website. At the same time, other companies use it to detect customer trends or feelings and conversations to optimize their satisfaction. For example, there is Sephora which has implemented the chatbot. It is a robot that answers the most frequent questions, which allows their customer to find the product they need. It is the same for Amazon. Apple uses a voice assistant that makes it easier for the customer to find the item and to pick it up. You also have AT&T which implements the voice recognition system that is able to recognize your name. When you call, the name is immediately recognized by the AI, allowing it to bring you additional information about your account. All of this is done even before a human picks you up.


Like all kinds of software, AI also has limitations when it comes to using it for customer relations. Since AI only solves specific problems, this can lead to the limitation of the customer experience. Sometimes, AI is also inflexible, which can lead to it not responding properly to complex requests. The implementation of AI is very expensive because it requires skilled experts to configure it. Basically, it requires a fairly large investment. 

Here’s everything you need to know about artificial intelligence for customer relations.

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